We help you understand what wellbeing and performance means to your people and your organisation. We independently assess and benchmark your key drivers and obstacles to success. We recommend the most effective route to help your people excel more, transform quicker and perform more sustainably


Collaboratively we inspire your leaders and employees about the possibility of wellbeing and high performance. We first do this through inspirational and engaging events, led by global thinkers (Yoke experts and Penguin Random House authors) to motivate everyone to change mind-sets, in line with your values


We deliver high quality and scalable initiatives that help your people to consistently reach their personal and team potential. From accreditedline-manager wellbeing training to group performance coaching, we educate your people with the skills and behaviours to thrive in an authentic and sustainable way


We help you transform HR practices by embedding performance and wellbeing information into your processes, tools and policies. By giving you and your leaders insight, we help you move towards a proactive and sustainable management approach that cultivates loyalty, trust and a genuine duty of care


We help you to lead your people and your industry with a new definition of wellbeing and performance. We encourage you take centre stage to drive a way of working that supports growth, diversity, wellbeing simultaneously, and sustains your competitive advantage