Rachel Arkle

Managing Director

Rachel has over 15 years of Management Consultancy experience and an MSc in Organisational Wellbeing. She is the key driving force behind Yoke and so excited to be at the forefront of such an inspiring industry. She is also an avid yoga lover and can’t wait to meet you :)



Lucy Watson


Lucy is a former banker and strategist who strives to help people lead happier, healthier and more productive lives at work. Alongside her wellbeing work, she’s COO for a startup striving to transform banking operations through scalable technologies. Previously she held leadership roles at Barclays, was a strategy consultant at Oliver Wyman & has an MBA from INSEAD. She is particularly interested in how wellbeing impacts the pipeline of senior women.



Nici Harrison


With an MSc in Occupational Psychology, Nici uses her skills to ensure Yoke's programmes have the maximum impact for our clients. Nici is fundamental in the analysis, design and implementation of our client’s wellbeing strategy. She believes that continuous learning and honest conversations are the key to understanding and promoting wellbeing throughout the workplace.


Simon North

Consultant & Leadership Specialist

Simon is a personal development adviser who guides individuals in their careers and advises organisations about their key individuals. He works internationally and publishes widely. Within Yoke he specialises in Leadership education, development and personal coaching and is highly experienced across a range of clients and individuals.

Early in his career he worked for Rolls-Royce, Shell, PwC, KPMG and then smaller brands. He is an HR professional who became a MD/commercial leader.


Sandra Stocks

Leadership Coach

Sandra is a mindset coach, working to inspire people to live a life that resonates with them and to share with them the tools to develop a mindset for authentic wellbeing and success. Her ability to get to the core issues and change deep, sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviours into successful, positive and empowering mindset patterns has resulted in her becoming recognised as an expert in her field. Sandra speaks regularly on the subjects of authenticity, wellbeing and mindset, incorporating these aspects into her workshops has helped hundreds of people to change their thinking and lives for good.

Erin Rocchio

Leadership coach

For the last decade, Erin has worked with executive leaders across industries to find the sweet spot between business results and personal meaning. She designs transformational leader, team, and organization development strategies in line with business priorities. Erin’s unique focus areas: emotional intelligence, wellbeing/sustainability, personality type, and Appreciative Inquiry.


Ben Lewis

Nutririon expert

Ben is the Nutrition Director at Pulsin’ Ltd, an award winning manufacturer of natural protein snacks; a company he founded in 2007 with two friends after graduating in Nutritional Therapy from ION in London. Ben’s expertise contributes to Yoke’s physical wellbeing programme as he educates and inspires employees to thrive with nutrition at work. Ben also holds a degree in Biochemistry from Bristol University.


Rowan Gray

Lead Trainer

Rowan Gray is an executive coach specialising in wellbeing, resilience and sustainable performance training. He is passionate about using physical movement as a tool for creativity, inspiration and performance in business. He disrupts the assumption that we have our best ideas when we sit down. Good movement is essential for anyone that wants to be well and thrive at work. Previously he used to work as a management consultant at Deloitte where he worked for large corporates and social enterprises. Rowan keeps himself inspired by exploring new places from the saddle of his bicycle.

Dory Walker

Mindfulness and Meditation Expert

Dory Walker has 20 years yoga and meditation teaching experience. She has trained many others to teach and written two books. She runs retreats and training programmes internationally. Dory’s wealth of knowledge on mindfulness and positive living inform Yoke’s meditation and mindfulness curriculum. As a mother Dory is passionate about balanced living and well being, sharing this through her work and living by example.

Trevor Banerjee

Wellbeing Expert

Trevor  is a mindset coach, an international motivational speaker as well as author of ‘The Freedom Switch’. After spending a decade, rising through the ranks in one of the largest banks in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Trevor now brings his experience and expertise in communication and personal development into the mix at Yoke. He is best known for being passionate about helping individuals as well as their organisations to create lasting change that’s in line with their strategic objectives and this can be seen in his energetic presentation style.

Rebecca Torrance Jenkins

Neuro-education Expert

Rebecca has over 15 years experience working in science education and academia. With a PhD from UCL which looked at the practical application of educational neuroscience, she now works with schools, universities and businesses teaching individuals how use their brains in a more effective and efficient way, to maximise learning and productivity.