Fit for Work: Thriving with Nutrition

At Yoke, we focus on every aspect of a worker’s wellbeing. Nutrition is at the core of staying well and more importantly, thriving. It can have a huge effect on someone’s performance and focus, so why aren’t more employers helping their workforce with nutritional education?

Try our 3 Top Tips to help you thrive at work.

1. Cut down on refined sugars

Refined sugar has never been as unpopular; and exposing the added sugars in food has become like a modern day witch hunt. For good reason though, as for most people, reducing their sugar intake is their best first step to maintaining steady energy levels throughout the day; an essential prerequisite for optimum health and performance.

When preparing your own food it’s easy to avoid adding sugar: just cut it out or switch to a lower glycaemic alternative, like brown rice malt or xylitol. However it can be more challenging to select a genuinely healthy lunch amongst a huge range of options, some laced with significant and even shocking levels of sugar. It is becoming more important than ever to be able to decode the on-pack data; even by just considering the sugar and protein content you can make predictions on the impact of that food on your metabolism, empowering you to make smarter choices everyday.

2. Be aware of your protein intake

Protein is a dietary mega-trend, having out grown the specialist body building community many years ago, now it seems almost everyone is considering their protein intake. Some who want to tone up at the gym or a yoga class, and others seeking more satisfaction after meals or to maintain more balanced energy levels throughout the day. We all need the right amount of protein, and that doesn’t mean huge quantities, but the optimum intake for our body and lifestyle. A simple calculation can tell you how much you need.

3. Everyone agrees, veg is good!

You may have noticed almost every single diet plan recommends eating more vegetables, and for good reason. Whether you are following Paleo, 5:2 or a vegan diet, fresh vegetables are an important dietary staple. Out of all the vegetables, greens are often highlighted; note the recent trend for kale-everything! Greens are rich in magnesium, a mineral with important roles in energy metabolism and muscle relaxation. Generally it’s best to get a range of coloured fruits and vegetables in your diet every day. Every colour gives you a different range of antioxidant nutrients, each with specific benefits to the body, so why not go for the whole rainbow?

For those coming along to Yoke’s workshop on Thriving with Nutrition I look forward to giving you some tips and insights to lead you on the path to find your own individual optimum diet. If you’re interested in booking a workshop for your business, please get in touch.

Written by Ben Lewis
Yoke Consultancy
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Book: Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald (2014)

“There is no such thing as the One True Way to eat for maximum health”.
We each need to find a diet at works for us as individuals!