Abigail Lerman from Stella McCartney Talks Wellbeing

A fascinating insight into wellbeing from one of our clients here at Yoke Consultancy.  Part of our new White Paper, "The 4 Essentials to Building a Healthy Workplace". Read the full White Paper HERE.

Abigail Lerman, Head of People and Culture at Stella McCartney, is on a personal mission to make HR inspiring and ensure the health of the entire organisation. As a vegetarian company, Stella McCartney has always had a head start in the global wellbeing spectrum. Abigail explains that they are now seriously considering their social footprint, and employee wellbeing is at the heart of this.

Why is it important to consider wellbeing?

For many decades, work has been considered as separate to the rest of your life. Recently the line has become much more blurred, people feel comfortable integrating both into one world. As an employer we have a responsibility to look after physical, mental and (spiritual) health in its entirety. It’s the commercial decision but it’s also the moral and ethical one.

What are you doing to improve the culture of wellbeing in 2017?


  1. Asking a lot of questions and trying things, wellbeing is a practice within a company just like for individuals.
  2. Integrating the wellbeing programme into the mission, culture and values of the company, particularly the feeling that you are giving back
  3. Validating our assumptions - we think we know what people want but we’re looking forward to creating tangible, cultural results through Yoke’s assessment


What benefits do you hope wellbeing will bring to your culture?

I hope it’s going to bring people together across different moments and in different way. We are a fast growing business and so it’s important to take a moment of calm to connect to other colleagues and give back to oneself. We hope to inspire, and maybe even surprise everyone at Stella, people might not have thought they would have this opportunity at work.


What small step can individuals do to encourage a culture of wellbeing at work?

Take part

We want our wellbeing programme to be the people’s project

Trust the process

Change doesn’t happen overnight


This is part of our latest White Paper, "The 4 Essentials to Building a Healthy Workplace". Take a look at the full White Paper HERE.